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DrinkDeal Card Game about alcohol for those working with 12+ age group available at £27.00


This alcohol card game has been used with young people from the age of 12 upwards, both in schools and in youth work settings. It has proven to be particularly useful in training sessions with professionals who want to increase their awareness of alcohol issues. DrinkDeal contains 48 question cards and 48 answer cards about a whole range of alcohol issues.

Feedback Received:

Just want to say thank you for such an outstanding resource. My pupils are motivated to learn from this pack. I have seen disinterested pupils enthusiastic about learning due to this material.

Pupil Integration Service, Brookside School

Drinkdeal? what an outstanding resource, my pupils are motivated to learn from using this resource. I have seen disinterested pupils hooked and enthusiastic about learning!

DriveWise, London

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