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DrugDeal Card Game for those working with 14+ age group available at £27.00

An interactive way to learn information about drugs. It has been used in both formal and informal settings, with groups, and to support one-to-one work. A highly flexible resource, suitable for age 14 upwards and adults.

It contains 64 cards:

  • 16 drugs cards with street names, type of drug and how it is used
  • 16 effects cards
  • 16 legal facts cards
  • 16 managing the risks cards.

Feedback Received:

'I am immensely impressed by the quality and relevance of these card games'

Education Department, HM Prison

I feel I must write to congratulate you on the production of the card game. I am immensely impressed by the quality and relevance of this product. I am involved in teaching Drug and Alcohol Awareness at the prison and I will find this resource invaluable.

Most prisons and young offenders institutions are now running social and lifeskills courses and many of your products will be of great value to them.

Chris Howard, Education Department, HMP Ashwell

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