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ASK for those working with young people


ASK for those working with young people aged 11 to 14 year olds, with a particular emphasis on the more vulnerable and at risk groups available at £15.00

The ASK model:

Attitudes; Skills development; and Knowledge and understanding has long been recognised as the most effective approach for drugs education.

The materials comprise 49 easy to use trigger sheets that may be used on a one-to-one or on a group basis to stimulate discussion about a range of issues relating to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The trigger sheets are intended to enhance current curriculum provision and may be integrated easily into the ongoing work, utilising a variety of learning and teaching styles.

Feedback Received:

'Teachers rated this resource positively ... it was felt to be useful for a wide range of age groups and activities or the basis for a lesson at school'


Independent Pre-testing and Trialling:

The findings from this qualitative pre-testing/trialling indicated that teachers rated this resource positively. The majority of respondents felt the resource had a range of core strengths which led them to view the resource as 'very usable' in PSHE lessons. These views were further supported when the resource was tested within the classroom situation.

'ASK' was highlighted as an instant accessible and versatile resource for both teachers and pupils. These were key strengths. The trigger sheets format was rated as ideal for the variety of PSHE classes and teaching situations. Equally less confident teachers felt more secure with the trigger sheet approach. Coverage of specific drug topics and the range of exercises and approaches employed was considered comprehensive. The layout, design clarity of language and tone were also positively rated. In practice, pupils also enjoyed using the resource.

The resource structure, 'ASK', was praised. Equally the range of trigger sheets enhanced the potential usage of the resource as a regular element within drug education classes. Overall, the resource was felt to be useful for a wide range of age groups and abilities within mainstream education.

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