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Citizenship for 11 to 16


Citizenship for 11 to 16 year olds available at £12.99

Human rights – volunteering – rights and responsibilities – the media – fair trade – democracy – criminal justice system – Local Agenda 21 – the European Union – the Commonwealth – the United Nations – government – voluntary groups – national, regional, religious and ethnic identities – public services – global interdependence – sustainable development – conflict resolution – and more!

Citizenship education covers an enormous breadth of topics focusing on a wide range of issues from local, national and international perspectives.

The resource contains:

        • 31 practical accessible lessons with photocopiable handouts
        • extension activities and opportunities for further investigation and participation listing, for example, relevant websites for further research

          14 case studies of citizenship in action

        • 4 background papers on key issues, such as assessment, young people’s voices and human rights.

The materials link DIRECTLY to the revised curriculum at KS3 and KS4 in England, and will enable teachers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to deliver education for citizenship in accord with the relevant guidance documents issued.

Feedback Received:

‘Very thorough, well researched and relevant. A good range of activities, coherent and accessible’   DfES Observer

This pack charts a clear path through these sometimes problematic waters, integrating fully with the citizenship orders, cross-referencing learning outcomes and attainment targets. It is comprehensive, clear and user-friendly. Although no single teaching pack could ever claim to be the only resource necessary, if this pack was the only one a school could buy, then they could do no better. I have been very pleased to trial a few of the activities, and will be putting the pack on my school shopping list as soon as possible.

Tim Atkinson, Assistant Headteacher, Boston Grammar School

This term and last term I have taught from the section on Criminal Justice and found it to be very useful. The contents equally support other sources too and this makes the book up-to-date, accurate and more importantly relevant.
Citizenship is a broad remit, but I feel this book has identified key issues and in doing so has expanded these themes to make it a very good teaching aid for all concerned.

L M Markham, Airdale High School

Independent Reviews:

This extensive pack, designed to fulfil Citizenship teaching requirements at Secondary level, includes 31 practical lesson plans, along with background reading for teachers, case studies, and many links to further information. The pack consists of a large folder with lesson plans which can be removed and photocopied. The folder is in two halves, for ages 11 to 14 and 14 to 16, and covers topics including: human rights, the criminal justice system, parliament, solving conflicts, fair trade and sustainable development. The lesson plans are clearly laid out, with objectives, introductions, main activities and opportunities for reflection. There are also several suggested extension exercises. The pack also includes 14 case studies which bring alive activities carried out by other teachers.

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