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On The Booze Again


On The Booze Again - alcohol materials for young people aged 11 to 16 years old at risk available at £36.95

These materials are designed to provide a programme of alcohol education for use in a wide variety of settings, such as secondary schools, Pupil Referral Units, Young Offending Teams and informal youth settings. They are aimed at young people of different educational abilities, including those with poor literacy skills, to help them to increase their knowledge of alcohol related issues, explore attitudes and values and to improve their personal and social skills. There are 18 interactive participatory activities, using a variety of learning and teaching ideas including discussion, cartoon 'trigger' illustrations, role play, drama and collages. The materials have been successfully trialled in a variety of settings by involving the target groups outlined above in the development process.


Feedback Received:

We at Selby High School have used these resources to support the delivery of topics in PSHCE lessons for a number of years and have found them extremely useful. They are easy for the students to access, use terminology that the students can understand and are teacher friendly which is a real bonus. There are also plenty of photocopiable handouts to make planning easier.

I was asked if I would pilot a new resource 'On the Booze again!' with students in Key Stages 3 and 4 and as I was in the process of reviewing and changing alcohol schemes of work I agreed. Any new materials are always worth a look!

The resource, which is aimed at young people who are already likely to be involved with drinking alcohol, covers a wide range of alcohol related topics. It provides students with the opportunity to discover facts about drinking and the possible links with other social and anti-social behaviours.

A variety of different approaches are used to deliver the material including questionnaires, research opportunities, trigger points for discussion and draw/write exercises.

The students in our school particularly enjoyed using the draw/write exercises as they were seen as a tool that all could use, irrespective of academic ability.

Those who were good at drawing completed the picture boards in this way, those who couldn't draw very well explained their ideas and there were those who used a combination.

Two such exercises, 'What might happen' based on a group of young people drinking and starting a fire and 'Girl on a bus' which involved some girls drinking on the back seat of a bus, obviously annoying other passengers, were particularly popular with students. Each scenario can lead to a consideration of consequences, emotional feelings, risks and decision making and it is amazing how students' minds work. Some tremendous discussions took place as a result of these exercises. Other topics covered include alcohol and the law, links between alcohol and sexual activity, possible medical issues and how to drink alcohol and stay safe.

In addition some interesting background papers are included which provide relevant statistical information, issues relating to cultural differences and approaches to alcohol, effects of parental/carer drinking and the important 'where, why and what' relating to alcohol consumption and young people.

I believe that this will prove to be a valuable resource and one which is well worth a look. I will certainly be using 'On the Booze again' at Selby High School!

Mike Dobson, PSHE Co-ordinator, Selby High School


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