Sex, Drugs & Alcohol

Sex Drugs  Alcohol


Sex, Drugs & Alcohol for use with young people of all abilities for aged 14+ available at £48.95

An interactive resource for young people aged 14-19 particularly those with low levels of literacy. ‘Sex, Drugs & Alcohol’ can be used in schools, colleges, informal youth settings, with young people in care and with young people involved in the criminal justice system.

Sex Drugs & Alcohol contains:

  • 15 core activities plus extension activities
  • 25 cartoon style illustrations showing situations common to young people
  • Background papers and support information for facilitators and teachers.

Feedback Received:

This resource has been used in our Adult Training Centre with the 16 to 19 year old residents during the weekly 'Looking after myself' sessions. The young women have found the several sessions that have dealt with issues out of the resource incredibly beneficial. In particular, the family planning, relationships and getting home safely sections have definitely made a difference to the young women and they are now much more aware of their actions in regarding relationships and spending social time in the community.

Save the Family

Sex education and the issues of drug and alcohol abuse are already comprehensively covered in our schools but these packs will help reinforce the messages we are trying to get across. The materials are excellent, particularly as they are designed for use with young people of all abilities. This Tacade resource aims to enable young people to make use of their own ideas, experiences and concerns as well as increasing their awareness and understanding of sexual health issues, and the risks associated with alcohol use and drug taking.

We want young people to be able to explore attitudes, values and feelings about sexuality and gender issues, prejudice and discrimination. It will also help them build on their personal and social skills.

Ann Battye, PSHE Co-ordinator, States of Guernsey


Lions Lifeskills - formerly the charity Tacade