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Sgiliau Ir Plentyn Cynradd


Sgiliau I’r Plentyn Cynradd:  Dwi’n Bod… Dwi’n Gwybod... Dwi’n Gallu…  £12.99



ABCh yn yr Ysgol Gynradd i blant 5-11 oed

Mae ‘Dwin Bod… Dwi’n Gwybod… Dwi’n Gallu’ yn cynnwys


+ 57 o wersi, wedi’u trefnu mewn pedwar maes bras:

  • Magu hyder a chyfrifoldeb a gwneud y gorau o’u galluoedd
  • Paratoi i chwarae rhan weithgar fel dinasyddion
  • Merithrin ffordd iach a diogel o fyw
  • Meithrin perthnasoedd da a pharchu gwahaniaethau rhwng pobl.

Feedback Received:

The quality of this pack is such that obtaining support across Wales for its translation was easy and we are very grateful to all the personnel who backed this venture and thereby tipped the balance in getting it funded, and to the Welsh Assembly Government for making the funds available. The pack speaks for itself - when I present it to teachers on the training days they fall on it with delight. It not only provides a clear skeleton of lessons under four topic headings, (each lesson with a one sentence descriptor so that they know what is what) but each lesson has between 6 and 8 additional ideas for developing the topic. The lesson objectives are there at the top of the page; each lesson has a word box and a list of poems and stories to support the theme and so teachers immediately understand how this will fit into their everyday teaching.

The pack is so flexible that matching it to the Welsh PSE Framework is not an issue. Many schools now use it as the basis for planning their PSE provision across the two Key Stages, needing only to identify where the subject links are and what additional specific material they will weave into the mix, such as the main areas of health education and some more specific work around citizenship and the environment. The Tacade pack provides the starting point for all these topics and give teachers confidence to plan and carry out a really exciting programme.

Wendy Heron, Former Associate Advisor Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, West Wales

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